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Are You Informed about Oral Emergencies?

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Caring for your mouth when it is damaged is key to ensuring your wounds can recover properly and to ensure the least amount of recovery time will be needed. Acting quickly but safely is important, as the precious minutes after an accident can often determine the fate of your oral health. For more information about oral emergencies, consider the following accident treatments:

– Tooth Knocked Out: If you have a tooth that is knocked out, it may be saved for reinsertion later. Place the tooth in a liquid such as milk, water with a dash of salt, or a tooth saver like Save-A-Tooth and visit your dentist to have it put back into place.
– Lost Dental Filling If a tooth restoration treatment such as a dental filling falls out, cover the area with dental cement or sugarless gum and visit your dentist to have it replaced.
– Lost Dental Crown: If a dental crown has come loose, cover the area with a cotton swab and visit your dentist to have it replaced or re-inserted.
– Lip/Tongue/Inner Cheek Bitten: If you have bitten your lip, tongue or inner cheek, the first step is to rinse out your mouth. After the wound is clean, apply gauze until it stops bleeding or visit your dentist if stitches are necessary.
– Object Stuck in Mouth: If you have an object stuck in your mouth, try using a cleaning utensil designed to work between teeth, including water flossers or dental floss. Do not use sharp objects or objects that could contaminate your mouth.
– Cracked Tooth: If a tooth is cracked or injured, wash out your mouth to ensure the area around the injury is clean. After the wound is clear, cover it with gauze until it bleeding has ceased.
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