If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are considered one of the most effective tooth replacement options in modern dentistry. An implant will replace both the crown and root of the tooth, providing the strongest and most stable restoration possible. The implant post, which is typically created from biocompatible titanium, is surgically placed in the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. Dr. Jensen works closely with several highly skilled oral surgeons to plan and complete your dental implant, ensuring the best possible results. After the implant post has been placed and your jawbone has begun to heal, our dentist will attach an implant restoration on top. This part replaces the crown of the missing tooth (the portion that is visible above the gums) and restores your smile’s functionality and beauty. Depending on your needs, your restoration could be a:

  • Crown
  • Bridge
  • Complete or partial denture

Once complete, your dental implant will be just as strong as your natural teeth and will mirror them in size and shape. Many of our patients report that their dental implants in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, are very similar to their natural teeth in how they look, feel, and function. We invite you to call our friendly dental office today to learn more about the numerous benefits of implant dentistry!