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Do You Have a Damaged Tooth Pulp? A Root Canal to the Rescue!

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A damaged tooth pulp can often be treated with a root canal procedure to save the tooth and prevent extraction. The tooth root can be damaged due to decay or infection, which can result from accidental injury to the tooth, having a deep cavity, incurring a crack, or having had multiple dental treatments on the tooth in the past.

Having a root canal done these days is quite similar to having a filling done when it comes to experiencing discomfort, and keeping you comfortable is our goal during any dental procedure with our dental team. To save your damaged tooth pulp, we will clean the tooth root’s canals.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved:

– Dental X-rays are taken to locate the tooth roots that are damaged.

– A local anesthetic will be applied to the numb the area to reduce discomfort.

– An opening is done by your dentist to expose the tooth pulp.

– All decay is carefully removed and the area is cleaned and disinfected.

– The space left will be filled with a rubbery material (gutta-percha).

– Cement will be used to seal out decay-causing bacteria and oral debris.

– With proper care, your root canal can last a lifetime–avoid chewing hard foods (ice, hard candy, etc.), Brush and floss every day, and maintain your bi-annual dental cleanings.

To restore your damaged tooth, and to learn whether a root canal is right for your situation, please call and schedule an evaluation with our dentist, Dr. Mark Jensen at 913-553-3046. Our Shawnee Village Dental team in Shawnee Mission, Kansas is ready to help you maintain your oral health!