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Improving your Oral Health

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Great oral health is a benefit to your life in more ways than one. From eliminating the possibility of cavities to helping your overall systemic health, the health of your teeth and mouth have a big impact on the quality of life you live every day.

If you want a better quality of life then our team at Shawnee Village Dental in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, recommends doing the following to help improve your oral health.

Regular dental visits
One of the best things you can to do help your oral health is never missing your six-month appointments with Dr. Mark Jensen. Aside from getting your teeth cleaned in such a depth that’s impossible to reach at home, regular dental visits also allow your dentist to see if there’s any potential for cavities to develop, or other oral health problems such as infections and oral cancer.

Consistent oral health routine
In addition to regular dental visits, you need to work on your oral health while at home. This includes not just brushing twice a day, but flossing and using mouthwash as well. Without brushing or flossing, you can’t rid your mouth of all the bacteria which cause bad breath, gum disease, cavities, and other infections.

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