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Long-Lasting Smiles Can Benefit From TMJ Disorder Prevention and Treatments

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Do you know what a TMJ disorder is and how to identify probable causes of them? To help keep your smile at its best of care, always identify TMJ disorders and apply the appropriate treatments. When a TMJ disorder is present, it often means that some form of damage has occurred to the ligaments, muscles or connective tissues within your jaw.

To help lower your risk of a TMJ disorder, you will need to make sure that you establish an effective safety plan as soon as one becomes available. Due to several oral health risks that can increase your likelihood to develop a TMJ disorder, make sure that you are protecting your mouth. Eliminate bad habits that can slowly wear down your jaw. Furthermore, be aware that misalignments, dislocations, teeth grinding, and arthritis are all known causes of TMJ disorders.

Should a TMJ disorder arise, make sure that you have the appropriate treatment plans in place. By practicing calming and relaxing meditative therapies and eating softer foods, you can help alleviate the stress associated with a TMJ disorder. For additional care from our team, visit us for a night guard, bite plate, heat and ice packs and jaw strengthening exercises.

No matter the TMJ disorder treatments you are in need of, the office of Shawnee Village Dental is here to help you in every way we can. If you would like to set up an appointment to visit Dr. Mark Jensen and our team at our office in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, please call us at 913-553-3046 to speak with a member of our team.