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Prevent the Effects of Bruxism With a Night Guard

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A habit of grinding your teeth at night could cause you to experience a variety of tooth problems since teeth grinding causes pressure and friction. Causes of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can vary from stress, anxiety, and depression medication to sleep apnea, smoking, or caffeine consumption.

At Shawnee Village Dental, Dr. Mark Jensen offers the option of custom night guards to treat bruxism and prevent tooth damage. While bruxism doesn’t have a definite cure, a night guard can cushion the teeth and jaws to prevent the harmful effects of teeth grinding, which include the following conditions:

— Flat, loose, or fractured teeth or tooth loss

— Dental pain and exposed tooth nerves

—  Heightened tooth sensitivity

— Gum recession

— TMD (temporomandibular disorder) in the jaws

— Changed facial structure

Over time, the constant wear and tear of bruxism can cause your teeth to need to be repaired with a dental crown or bridge or, if you have lost teeth, a dental implant or denture appliance. Custom-made night guards cover your bite to prevent these costly dental repairs.

If you are experiencing teeth grinding symptoms, we encourage you to call Dr. Mark Jensen and our team at Shawnee Village Dental to learn more about receiving a night guard in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Call 913-553-3046 today to schedule your appointment!