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Risk Factors for Developing Periodontal Gum Disease

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There are many risk factors for developing periodontal gum disease. It can strike at any time, although it can be prevented with plaque removal treatments. The best plaque removal treatments are brushing and flossing and getting professional cleanings at least twice a year. For our dental team here at Shawnee Village Dental, we strive to provide the highest quality service with your cleaning to ensure gum disease cannot thrive. Here are a few risk factors you should keep in mind:

– Smoking: Smoking is considered by many dentists as one of the most significant risk factors for gum disease. Smoking also decreases treatment success rates.

– Hormones: As hormones change in women and young girls, it increases the chances for gingivitis to develop, which can lead to more serious types of gum disease.

– Diabetes: Diabetes increases the risk for many infectious diseases, including gum disease.

– Medications: Many medications produce a side effect of dry mouth symptoms. The lack of saliva in a person’s mouth makes them more susceptible to gum disease.

– Genetics: Genetics play a huge role in the development of gum disease. Genetics can make individuals up to six times more likely to have symptoms of the disease.

– Poor Diet: Lack of proper nutrition can increase your risk of gum disease.

– Chewing Tobacco: Tobacco increases the risk of gum disease.

It’s never too late to fight back against gum disease. If you wish to come in for an oral exam, please make an appointment with our dentist, by contacting Shawnee Village Dental at 913-553-3046. You can also stop by our office in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!