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The Truth About Tartar

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Tartar, also called dental calculus, is a hardened, calcified deposit on the teeth. It once was sticky plaque, but was allowed to remain and build up. Like a pupa changing into a butterfly, it now has become something else. Something much, much, worse. Unlike the beautiful butterfly, it is ugly. It could’ve been easily eradicated by regular brushing, but now it will take a professional cleaning by a dental hygienist to remove.

Tartar is a serious oral concern. It provides a porous place for more plaque to build up and collect upon, specifically along the gumline. This inevitably leads to cavities and gum disease. As a porous substance, it easily absorbs stains from food, drink, and nastier things like tobacco. Before long your teeth can become a sickly yellow color.

Don’t try and remove tartar at home, no matter what do-it-yourself dental tool kit you might discover online, or “natural” remedies you hear about. They don’t work, and trying to scrape off tartar by yourself can end up doing damage to your teeth and mouth. A dental hygienist has gone to college and studied for a minimum of two years to learn how to get tartar off your teeth. Some have even earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees to do what they do. Let them do it.

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