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Why you May need a Dental Bridge

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There are a lot of cosmetic dentistry procedures, but one of the most popular is the dental bridge. It’s one that our team here at Shawnee Village Dental sees quite frequently, and it’s one that has some big benefits – if you’re a good candidate to receive a dental bridge.

So let’s take a few moments to examine why you may need a dental bridge, in addition to what it will do for your smile.

Missing multiple teeth

If you’re missing more than one tooth, a bridge may be your best bet for restoration work. When you’re missing multiple teeth, the teeth on either side of the gaps will eventually try to force their way into the missing space and “fill it in.” However, that messes up your smile, bite, and has negative effects on your jawbone as well.

Don’t have the jawbone health for implants

If you need to replace missing teeth due to losing them through gum disease, you may have the jaw health necessary to get dental implants. If that’s the case, a bridge is your next best bet to help you get your smile back. A bridge is anchored to surrounding teeth, instead of your gums or jawbone, which can provide a more secure hold for people with gum and jawbone issues.

Fixing ground teeth

If you grind your teeth, a dental bridge can help replace the tops of multiple ones by connecting all the crowns and securing them to the natural, still-healthy teeth in your mouth.

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